Surface preparation


When applying any type of coating or lining, surface preparation is a crucial part to any application. It can prevent failure and even prolong the life of your coating. At Grizzly General Contractor Corp. we specialize in surface preparation.

We can set up a plan to Prep any surface no matter what the logistics.

Tell us what cleanliness of blasted surface you need:

Brush off  SSPC  SP-7, NACE No. 4, SA-1

Commercial   SSPC SP-6, NACE No. 3, SA-2

Near-white Metal   SSPC SP-10, NACE No.2, SA-2.5

White metal SSPC SP-5, NACE No.1, SA-3

We have the capabilities to give you anywhere from a .5 mil (12.5 microns) profile to a 4 mil (100 microns) profile by using different abrasives and pressures.

Decontaminating / Cleaning Invisible Contaminants

Tell us what you need done and we will give you our best recommendation on what you need to have done regarding your surface prep.



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