- Abrasive form of blasting

- Sand can be used on reinforced steel to remove rust, corrosion, paint and any other type of coating.

- Finer grit sand can be used on Aluminum and other soft metals

- We use sand in shop because of the environmental hazards.

- In Shop only


Coal Slag


- Abrasive and very aggressive form of blasting

- Should only be used on reinforced steel with well adhered coatings.

- Used to prepare surface for specialty coatings due to the rough nature or profile it gives the surface.

- Offered in shop or Mobile

Types of Blast Media


Soda (sodium Bicarbonate)


- Non-abrasive form of blasting

- Will take off paint without changing the shape of the surface below the paint

- Great for soft metals. Perfect for cars and other thin metals

- Does not remove corrosion

- Offered in shop or Mobile




- Abrasive form of blasting

- Environmentally friendly

- Low dust and can be water induced to further lower the dust.

- Great to use in areas where dust is an issue. (Marinas, Residential, Etc.)

- Works great on fiberglass boats.

- Offered Mobile

Sponge Media


- Environmentally friendly

- Sponged available with Aluminum oxide, plastic, glass, steel, and garnet inside

- Reduces dust by 95%

- Low recoil and high visibility in dark areas

- Reusable up to 10 times.

- Great to use in any type of tank because of visibility and reduced down time. (Water tank, Fuel tank, Waste tanks, Etc.)

- Great for mechanical rooms where cleanliness is required and low dust solutions must be used.

- Gives you same results as conventional surface preparation without all the headaches involved.

- Offered Mobile


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